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It is perfectly safe, when this criterion is met. Besides experience, all procedures must be performed in a sterile environment.

Always make sure of your Specialists credentials. There is intensive training involved and many requirements need to be met in order for a practitioner to perform any form of micro pigmentation.

All our needles, pigment caps, gloves etc are opened and used only once for each procedure. Machine parts are sterilized and kept sanitary as a mandatory practice.

Personal protective wear is administered at all times to prevent cross contamination. We have taken special precaution during this time to ensure that surface hygiene is maintained at all times.

Absolutely! Eyebrows and lips are drawn on with a surgical marker until you are satisfied with your personal shape preference. You will be assisted and advised every step of the way. We have over 20 colour variations to choose from to accommodate each individual’s desire.

It is recommended that you come to a consultation with your normal daily make-up on, so that we can get an idea of your likes and needs, and advise you from there.

Each procedure varies, and it depends on if you have one or multiple procedures. It generally takes one hour, this includes 30 minutes for anesthetic cream to numb the area.

* Contact lenses can be worn as it minimizes the burn of the numbing agent.

I use Premier Pigments. Premier Pigments are the World leaders in permanent cosmetics.

Permanent Makeup Artists want colours that are safe, but they also want colours that are stable. They want colours that stay true and that don’t require touch-ups. Premier pigments provides results that customers are happy with.